CHANGER is a three -year project which will be developed through 5 work packages, as follows.

WP1 Leader -


Project management, coordination and dissemination

+ -


  • To successfully manage the project and disseminate its results.

  • To ensure a successful management of the project, in terms of coordination, efficiency and timely implementation of its activities, as well as continuous review of potential ethics issues that may arise.

  • To disseminate the results of the project to ensure high impact.

WP2 Leader -


Evaluation of current ethics reviews in a changing research environment

+ -


  • To provide an evidence base for the existing challenges and approaches in ethics reviews in relation to changes in the research environment.

  • To identify existing knowledge in scientific literature and other sources, including other EU-funded projects, and to create an evidence map with particular attention to experiences from different scientific disciplines and ethics review in crisis situations (e.g. COVID-19 pandemic).

  • To evaluate current approaches in Europe and assess strengths and weaknesses in research ethics reviews in relation to new challenges, new players and new forms of research.

WP3 Leader -


Novel approaches and tools to support the ethics reviews

+ -


  • To develop innovative approaches and tools that will incorporate ethics-by-design in research and embed human rights, will improve consistency, quality and efficiency of current ethics reviews.

  • To develop novel approaches based on a suite of promising and novel methods to implement ethics-by-design in research, to pilot the proposed approaches with selected users (RECs) and to assess them against underlying assumptions of traditional research ethics review and relevant criteria.

  • To integrate into already existing platforms an interactive, web-based resource of new ethics review approaches for RECs.

  • To develop a new ethics assessment tool focused on AI research aimed at researchers and RECs, and a benchmarking tool for RECs to assess their capacity to review AI research.

WP4 Leader -

KU Leuven

Innovative training material to address new challenges in ethics reviews and training

+ -


  • To develop novel training material for all stakeholders, which are adapted to the changing research environment, and to provide training to ethics review experts.

  • To develop guidelines for RECs and professionals involved in research ethics reviews that will complement existing laws, regulations and practices, and serve as a basis upon which RECs can develop their own specific practices, procedures and evaluations.

  • To develop novel, digital training material, focused on specific new technologies and practices for ethics review experts, researchers and students.

  • To provide training to stakeholders involved in the ethics review process of funders (EC), focused on specific new technologies and practices.

WP5 Leader -


Generation of impact and transferability of new models, operational tools, and approaches for RECs

+ -


  • To promote policy choices supporting the uptake and dissemination of novel ethics review approaches in the ERA at different levels (European, national, research organisations).

  • To involve key stakeholders in sharing perspectives and facilitating knowledge exchange aiming to: a) define institutional changes to sustain the adoption of novel research ethics review approaches by research funding and performing organisations, b) to identify policies and legal frameworks that facilitate sustainable human rights-embedded ethics in the ERA.

  • To propose action tools and guidance helping institutional changes in research organisations in order to incorporate new approaches to research ethics reviews.

  • To propose policy measures towards policy and legal frameworks supporting the protection of new and upcoming human rights.

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